Inner and outer spaces

Inner spaces

Much of my experimental work is non-representational, that is, it does not seek to render a subject objectively.
You could call it "non-mimetic."  When I paint this way, the "subject" might be the act of painting itself, the elements of art, or merely an emotion I try to evoke in the viewer.  In other words, the image emanates from an "inner space" inside my consciousness.  If my painting feels balanced and elicits an emotional or spiritual response from my viewers, then I have done my job.

outer spaces

A lot of folks tell me that I'm "just out there" -- and I guess I am.
Sometimes my journey becomes a trek into the far reaches of the universe --or the universe, as I imagine it.
And yes, I'm a Trekkie from way back, and I've thought a lot about other worlds and future times and alternative realities over the years. 
And sometimes "outer spaces" can be the strange or wonderful or vexing world we live in...