I've had a life-long, passionate love affair with learning. To learn is to grow.
To grow is to change. Change, in turn, leads to more growth, and for me, a willingness to experiment.
And the cycle starts all over again...

I see my life as a series of adventures, each with its own risks, dangers, joys, and fulfillments. I have learned, and I continue to learn, from each new adventure I undertake.  Being an artist is a huge adventure for me-- perhaps my greatest adventure.
Art allows me to continue to learn new things every single day, both within my studio and without.

Adventuring in art, for me, involves constant exploration, risk-taking, experimentation, discovery -- and learning. I make experimental art because, simply, I am compelled to continue to learn. My adventures in art have become my journey--my “trek,” if you will
My aim is, simply, to “go where no artist has gone before.”

I invite you to join me on my ArtTrek!