When I came home to art at the ripe old age of 48, it had been 30 years since my art-filled childhood, with the exception of one studio art course in college and two ceramics classes when I lived in New Mexico.  During that long hiatus, art had only been a part of my life in my role as a literary critic (I wrote my doctoral thesis on the intersection of art and autobiography, specifically in the autobiographies  of Goethe and Stendhal).   Since I had never done watercolor -- and since I had collected watercolor paintings for several years -- I decided to take an evening class at a local junior high school.  Needing more, I studied with with Sandi Olson, a wonderful Salt Lake painter who gave me the confidence to keep on painting and who taught me the elements and principles of design. 

I rarely paint in watercolor these days, as I have come to love painting in other watermedia, including especially acrylic.  I remain in awe of those painters who have mastered this intriguing medium.  Here are  a few of my watercolor paintings, many available as prints , on ceramic tiles, or on blank note cards.